Aileen Quinn Today - on "Annie" movie set as an adult
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Aileen Quinn as "Annie" in the 1982 movie
Aileen Quinn Today -  performing with "The Leapin' Lizards"
Aileen Quinn as "Annie" in the 1982 film
The Leapin' Lizards
Topanga Days
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Sway in the Morning
..talks new sing-a-long DVD (video)

..sings "It's a Hard Knock Life (video)

Playbill Interview
...reminisces about the film 30 years later... (video)
More Interviews & Articles.....

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Interviews with  Does Aileen Quinn keep in touch with her "Annie" cast?  .... still get recognized?  .... prefer theater or film?  .... on being cast as Annie.  (all 4 videos) - Midday Fix

Interview ..... (video)

Aileen Quinn Star of the movie "Annie" visits Hollywood Palms for a Special Showing
“Annie” the popular musical film of 1982 celebrated its 30th year with a special guest, Aileen Quinn and special....

ITV's "Lorraine"
Interview..... (video)

The Buzz on 82
'The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow' with Aileen Quinn, Dale Shimono, Mike Powell, Lynn Aliya and Paige Price  (video)

Theatre Aspen's "Annie"
Appearing as "Lily" (photos)

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"Annie" 30th Anniversary Interview:
Part 1  - It's hard to believe it was 30 years ago .... (more)
Part 2 -  .... Aileen reveals that although she may .... (more)
Part 3 - .... asks Aileen questions polled from our BTM readers and Annie fans .... (more)

Access Hollywood Live
...reminisces about playing little Orphan Annie ....  (video)

...guests break into song ....  (video)

Entertainment Weekly
Catching up with...Aileen Quinn,
30 years after 'Annie' ....  (more)
Aileen Quinn
The Leapin' Lizards

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